Tohoku-Soken Co., Ltd.
Company outline Ear-hanging scallop
Founded August, 1975
Address Konakano8-9-13 Hachinohe-shi, Aomori,Japan
Representative Seiya Kudou
Capital ¥10,000,000
Business contents Culture materials and devices for the fishing industry・Materials and devices for agriculture・The production and sales of the environment and health relation materials etc.
Place of business Tokoro-cho, Hokkaido・Mori-cho, Hokkaido・Hiranai-cho, Aomori・Sendai-shi, Miyagi・Urawa-shi, Saitama
History 1975 We tackled diffusion of the case cultivation law of the yam and development of the ministry power materials of scallop culture that the late Jinpachi Kudou was starting.
1976 Development of a bundling machine that unites the ear-hanging monofilament line into the rope
1977 Development of a washing machine that washes the scallops for the ear-hangingculture on the ship
1978 Development of the automatic ear-hanging machine
1980 Development of the one-touch style nylon pin It was named Age Pin in 1982.
1986 Seiya Kudou succeeded after the death Jinpachi Kudou.
1989 Development such as "the float for the culture" "the shell ring" "the shell hook"
1994 Announcement of "the automatic ear-hanging machine Eagle Robo" and "the Robo Pin" in cooperation with EAGLE INDUSTRY Co., Ltd.
Main correspondent bank Tohoku Bank-Minato Branch ・ Kitanihon Bank-Minato Branch
Main customer Zen Gyoren・Hokkaido Gyoren・Aomoriken Gyoren・Mitsui Co., Ltd.・ Asaya Co., Ltd.・Hataya Machinery Limited liability company・
Eagle Industry Co.,Ltd.・NOK Co.,Ltd.・Nippo Co.,Ltd.・Taisei Sangyo Co.,Ltd.・Kawase Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Miyoshi Industry Co.,Ltd.・Hokkaido Yanmar Co., Ltd.・Meiji Gousei Co.,Ltd.・Yamashita Machinery Shop Limited liability company Etc.
Motto "Let's make thanks to the rich sea and the earth and health" The theme we penetrate and act with sincerity, smartness, the fight to what kind of case.

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