The upgrade of the scallop drill.
Scallop shell drill for scallop culture
Scallop shell boring machine@rc-V
Drill SD-7
A lot quieter
The SD-7 has a lower vibration giving it a better performance.
Increase of power to give the high speed turn
The SD-7 doesn't need to be warmed up to produce a smooth big hole for the Age Pin.
Realization of the up-and-down motion that fits the work sense
The SD-7 has a new method for speed control you can adjust the speed to your desired pace.
Single or continuation method
Single-engine method is where the bit descends down every time the sensor is pushed. Continuous method is where the drill bit moves up and down continuously with option speed setting.

Form rc|V
Power supply `b100u@
Speed of drill 18.000qol
25.000 Switching is possible
External measurements
Width 175
The height 330
Length 350
Weight About 15@

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