Automatic ear-hanging machine
Eagle Robo

Eagle Robo

The automatic ear-hanging machine of the scallop uses the Robo Pin. It automatically inserts the pin into the rope as well as pinning the scallop into the rope.

(1)Change of the 1 sheet hole make and the 2 sheets hole make are easy with the exchange of the plate of the scallop.
(2)You are able to set up the ear-hanging interval of the scallop freely.
(3)You are able to set up the position of the hole into the scallop shell freely.
(4)You are able to use spliced rope.
(5)It is able to move freely with the caster.
(6)Because the system part is in the upper part of the machine, maintenance is easy.
(7)The pin does not remain into the rope after the harvest of the scallops.
(8)In comparison with the hand insertion Eagle Robo is 5 times faster.(Comparison of all the process)

Ear-hanging juvenile size One sheet the hole make 6`11cm Two sheets the hole make 5`8cm
Ear-hanging method Place 1 scallop either side of the rope
Ear-hanging speed Installation of 2 scallops in 2 seconds.
Stopping instrument Robo Pin
Bit for the hole make Special ultra hard alloy bit Long type(ReamerESpiral)
Plate of the scallop Either standard equipment of the 1 sheet the hole make or the 2 sheets the hole make
The power supply AC100V. 400W
Measurements 580mm~1028mm~1345mm
Weight 270kg

Robo Pin Robo KiriiReamerj
Robo Pin Robo Kiri

 New sale    Eagle RoboU
The power supply part has been moved to the main body,which is located in the center upper part of machine. This makes maintenance easy and operation a lot quieter.
The front of Eaglerobo U Obliqueness of Eaglerobo U

Please see the ear-hanging machine of the other companies for comparisons.

yPzProduct of Towa Electric Manufactory Co.,Ltd.

The whole Photograph of automatic ear-hanging machine Part photograph of automatic ear-hanging machine

Comfortable with easy operation
The work becomes very easy because all you do is turn the ear of scallop facing down and load it on to the belt.
Care is unnecessary even for the first uses as a change of speed is attached.
Free setting with one button
The installation distance of the scallop can be set freely with the notch of 1 mm.
You are able to set up the installation step number freely according to the length of rope.
Possible changes correspondence from spring to autumn scallops
You are able to adjust the position of the hole into the scallop easily,depending on the size of the scallop.
Therefore, you are able to adjust easily from the spring scallop (about 5 cm) to the autumn scallop (about 11 cm).

Loop Pin
The pin is wound in a roll state. Loop pin
It is a ministry resources product and gentle to the environment.
The roll of pins can be installed in one installation for one day use.
The size variation is abundant.

yQzProduct of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

The whole photograph of automatic ear-hanging machine Part photograph of automatic ear-hanging machine

The work that installs the monofilament line into the rope and the work that makes the hole in the scallop are unnecessary.
The installation speed can be set up freely.
Even the use of spliced rope is possible.
The work that takes the monofilament line from the rope after the harvest of the scallops is unnecessary.
Whenever you stop the machine continuation operation is possible.
Scallop growth is good because the scallop's don't entangle due to only one scallop being pinned either side of the rope.

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