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Now, gentle fishing industry to the environment

Scallop culture materials

Various kinds of Roll Pins Age Pin for the hand insertion Robo Pin Various kinds of bits
Roll Pin Agepin Robopin Bit
Explanation of the Roll Pin Kinds, explanation, selection of the Agepin Kinds and explanation of the Robopin Kinds and explanation of the bit

Scallop culture gear

Scallop shell drill
Pin Setter
Roll Pin Setter
Scallop shell drill SD-7 Pinsetter PS-4 Roll Pin Setters
Characteristic of the scallop shell drill SD-7 Characteristic of the Pinsetter PS-4 Characteristic of the Roll Pinsetter RPS

Pin Outer
Automated scallop hole making machine
Automatic ear-hanging machine
Eagle Robo
Pinouter PO-7DX Automated scallop hole making machine HDA-1 Eaglerobo
Characteristic of the Pinouter PO-7DX Characteristic of the Automated scallop hole making machine HDA-1 Characteristic of the automatic ear-hanging machine Eaglerobo

Insertion machine
Automatic volume collector machine
Grinding machine
Insertion machine NK-2 Automatic volume collector machine TK-1 Grinding machine TM-2
Characteristic of the insertion machine MK-2 Characteristic of the automatic volume collector machine TK-1 Characteristic of the grinding machine TM-2

Micro bubble generator
Kakitori Micro bubble generator
Characteristic of the Kakitori Introduction of the micro bubble generator

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