Machine that take's out the AgePin that remained in the rope
PO-7DX draws out the AgePin rapidly !
Pin Outer PO-7DX

PO-7DX has new sale for 2 steps omission.
PO-7DX has 2 steps of omission, a rubber roller and gear system. Any kind of ropes and Age Pin are OK.
We adopted a system that hardly any pin's remain.
‡AThe 2nd step ‡@The 1st step
Part photograph of PO-7DX Part photograph of PO-7DX
‘The Age Pin that remained from the 1st step is taken out with the gear system. ‘We adopted a new system that takes out the pins with rubber roller's.

Nimble operability
Form   ‚o‚n|‚V‚c‚w
Electric power   Under ‚`‚b100‚u‚`
Main body
  Width 600mm
  The height 380mm
  Length 250mm
Main body weight   About 23‚‹‚‡
You do not require the power and you are not tired.
The work time is shortened substantially.
It has a speed of 3`4 times of hand usage.
Easy operation
You are OK merely hanging the rope on the PO-7DX.
It is easy even for the first time ! !
Safe design
PO-7DX makes a sudden stop with a warning sound if the rope has been spliced.
Carrying is easy.
The weight is 23 kg with a compact design.

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