It fixes the Age Pin into the rope instantaneously.
Pin Setter
Installation of the counter for the rope roll collector@‚o‚r|‚S
AgePin exclusive use

(Note)The counter is a different sale.

Pin Setter PS-4
Nimble operability
You do not require the power and you are not tired.
The work time is shortened substantially.
It winds the rope as soon as it inserts the Age Pin.
Easy operation
Even a child is able to operate it right away.
Safe design
It is an easy system and has a safe design.
Beautiful finish
The insertion interval of the pin is controlled with an electron sensor.
i1`29‚ƒ‚ Optional switchingj
The carrying is easy.
The weight is 14 kg with a compact design.
Form @‚o‚r|‚S
The power supply ‚`‚b100‚u@
Consumption power @Under 100‚v
Main body

@The height@
Main body weight @About@14@‚‹‚‡

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