Various kinds of Roll Pins

Roll Pin

1) Each roll consists of 10,000 pins which are in two sections.
2) Pins are only designed to hold 1 scallop each side of the rope.

Variety of pin sizes
jqE4(BLACK) is for 1.4 drill bit.
jqE5(RED) is for 1.5 drill bit.
jqE6(YELLOW) is for 1.6 drill bit.
jqE7(WHITE) is for 1.7 drill bit.

jqE5(RED) jqE6(YELLOW)
jqE5(RED) jqE6(YELLOW)

Pay attention
The size of the pins are in proportion to the strength of the pins.
Choose a pin size that will suit size and farming condition of your scallops.

Look at Roll Pin Setters

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